401 E. Whitestone Blvd
Cedar Park, TX 78613


Caleb Young

Friday, July 22
Doors: 8pm

Caleb Young

Most country artists strive to fit a specific mold, the Caleb Young aims to break it. With genre-bending songs and honest lyrics, Young looks to push the boundaries of what most people consider the norm for country music. Caleb Young combines soaring vocals, burning guitar leads, rocking rhythms, and melodic pedal steel to create a sound that is both unique and fresh.

Formed in 2015 by Caleb Young and guitarist Austin Grigry, the duo quickly recruited some of the best talents the local scene had to offer in order to round out the band. Hailing from the Permian Basin area of West Texas, these members include Lilo Hernandez on drums, Will Doroteo on bass, and Timmy Neves on pedal steel and electric guitar.

After honing their craft playing in dives across Texas the group entered Orb Studios to record their debut single “Long Road Home.” This single helped establish Young as an artist that is not adherent to the industry standards. “We did exactly what we felt we needed to do with that song, it might not fit in any specific genre but it’s who we are as a band,” says Caleb Young. The group soon returned to the studio to track their second single; a piano-driven power ballad called “Friend for Tonight.” Guitarist Austin Grigry says “With Friend for Tonight we wanted to do almost the opposite of Long Road Home. Something that was completely different, epic in scope but could still complement Long Road Home nicely.”

Caleb Young has been working hard to take their energetic live show across the great state of Texas from cities such as Corpus Christi, Houston, and Dallas to small towns like Pecos, Alpine, and Snyder. The group has recently finished tracking their debut EP, “Down in Flames” due to release in Spring of 2021. With the unapologetic sound you would come to expect from the band, the group hopes to continue to make its mark in the Country music scene for years to come.